24 hours with 2 world-champions

What would it be like to share the wind tunnel with Greg and Karine from Airwax Freefly?

They are some of the most experienced and successful skydivers in the world, and they have a wealth of knowledge to share. Well, Manufactory with the help of iFly Melbourne managed to co-sponsor an impromptu Huck-Jam with Team Airwax for Pro Flyers only, for a very-very short amount of time. We welcomed Greg Crozier and Karine Joly to Melbourne for their first time to fly with us. A memorable 24 hours later saw them continue their journey to the Cay Boogie in Far north Queensland - an evening of flying that will not be forgotten by any of those who witnessed it!

4:30 PM - Arrival in to Melbourne

The weather report predicted perfect conditions for indoor skydiving, (overcast miserable skies and rain all day). As their flight landed from Sydney, the skies opened to beautiful cumulus clouds lining the city skyline. Melbourne’s 4th season for the day, was ending on a perfect spring afternoon. Welcome to Melbourne.

6:30 PM - Heading to the event

As we drive to iFly Melbourne, we receive final confirmation that our event is sold out. The 2 hour huck jam ends the working week and is full of Pro flyers, junior flight school members and the pool of Instructors…. except one or two to mind the door and to drive of course! (Thanks Sam).

7:30 PM - Sign in-Suit up

Even World champions have to sign the waivers, so yes, they are humans after all. As the team at iFly Melbourne layout a spread of food and drinks good enough for an engagement party - the crowd begins to suit up and engage in some pre-event excitement. Catching up with old friends and making new friends is exactly what this party was about!

8:30 PM - The fans turn on in anticipation

The Pro flyers welcomed the night with open arms as they sat through an evening introduction from Manufactory, thankful for all of their participation and support.
"A big thank you must also go out to Laura from iFly Melbourne for her collaboration on the evening's event, and to Team Airwax whom carved out time in their busy schedule"
We helped the flyers organise into three groups of different talent, keeping it simple but what followed next two hours was anything BUT the regular huck jam format.

9:30 PM - We need a break, they don’t.

The ‘what makes a world champion’ is something that has been researched deeply by many people. But what we saw from Team Airwax was an integrity and attention to detail which sets them apart from any other coaching style out there today! Greg and Karine managed to personalize every group or individual as they came in, giving each person the attention detail necessary for success without sacrificing fun!

We got the instructor pool together in a sea of Red suits for 6 ways, showing off why iFly Melbourne is one if not thee busiest and most talented wind tunnels today.

10:30 PM - The Last flying Session

After an hour of flying, you could tell from Paddy’s sweat-soaked brow that he was feeling the heat behind the camera lens. Shelly joined in on the Jam and showed us all she still has it in motherhood! The Pro Flyers sat in silence, watching as the lights turned off and Team Airwax took main stage for their own burn. Seeing an Airwax routine on Youtube captured by the amazing Baptist Welsch will leave you in amazement, but seeing it LIVE thanks to the wonder that is indoor skydiving, will leave you speechless… and ready to book a whole lot more coaching hours. The wind turned down, and hot bodies poured out of the chamber as smiles lit up the room. Thanks were given to Greg & Karine for their hard work in making this event possible- many lined up with cameras ready to take photos and share stories about what just happened! Our Huck-Jam ended on a high- a great success all round :).

11:30 PM - Leave no Instructor behind!

We learned later speaking with Greg that being an instructor allows him to recognise the staff's need for flight training and philosophy. They take every opportunity they can to pass on knowledge and help create confident instructors. Greg and Karine went above-and beyond to make sure that not one of the Instructors missed out on this event. They donated their time, in an incredible act of kindness. This showed real leadership.


The next day in Melbourne, not only was the weather still perfect springtime, but next door from our hotel was an event with thousands of people dressed up for PAX Aus, a celebration of gaming and gaming culture. We took in the CBD , Degraves lane, coffee culture, the Yarra River. Plus a full tour of Victoria (over in 11 mins) thanks to the Melbourne Skydeck VR Voyager Experience. At the top of Melbourne's highest observation deck, looking out over Australia’s most liveable city and exhausted from a day with world champions in their own sport- it made us realize how precious this past 24 hours have been. A once in lifetime experience for everyone who attended flying together as one team; on home soil!
We had an unforgettable time in Melbourne and we're confident that Team Airwax will be back for a full tour of skydiving over the city and our coastline, no VR needed.

All photos © courtesy of Manufactory and All Beef Productions

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