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Your colour choices in black and white

Pick a colour, any colour.

You may think it is (or tell everyone it is) the last thing on your mind when you get dressed in the morning, stumbling out of bed and rushing to get ready for Load 1 of the day. But a part of your personality is revealed through the colour choices you make. Your personality, right down to the pullup cords you thread through your new kicks are on show as a reflection of your individuality and your mood. Even the silicone wristband you still have on from flying the tunnel jam the night before is painting a picture for everyone who sees you - even if you don't see them. Which coloured apparel you select out of your gear bag, your van, your locker or off the floor of the packing mat - reflects who you are, what you like, and what you don’t like. Now if you're a business, multiply that by all of your staff, team and anyone you have asked to wear your logo - what you see sums up your brand values in black and white.
You can easily google ‘color meanings’ and find (about 1,160,000,000) meanings to help you with your selections, but we will break it down for you as if we were walking into your dropzone for the first time.
The reason black seems a go-to for most days is that it’s not really a colour. Black is a base, there is no building without a solid base. A base is rarely seen because everything is built on top of it. Black is easy to maintain, to hide dirt, grit, sweat and it wears very easily. Black can be interpreted as dark and mysterious (think of grief…. not exactly the ‘lively’ look you were after) which is why it’s so important to use it as a way to combine your colours and create a more dynamic aggressive colour scheme. Seeing black is also seeing strength and authority, which is a great way to boldly communicate 'where you are' - but not who you are. Again, black is a base, adding more colour is the key to making black standout amongst a sea of colour.
If bold is the effect you're after, (however black just looks to emo) then creating high contrast with white will portray a powerful image of cleanliness for your brand. Although you’ll be doing your laundry every day from now on, the benefits of seeing a white color will represent an image of purity and positivity to anyone looking. It is inspiring to see white contrast against a bright blue backdrop, (why else do we stare at clouds) although not so great for overcast days, so think about which color you will pair up with white. White may also suggest increased attention to safety for your passengers. If you want to create a care-free-clutter-free approach for your customers, we would suggest adding white to your manifest area.
There is no other colour with the stopping or the go power of red. The colour has a strong sense of ‘must-do’ about it… Must do what? something… anything!!! It is the charging bull and the traffic light stop. Choosing this colour will mean determination, courage, and physical strength. Not a bad choice to wear when your about to defy gravity. The power of red is strongest in decision making. If questions and forms need be answered, red is your colour. If choices need to be made by customers or rules to be enforced, red is your colour. It does have a softer side too (it's not all Rambo) you can use red to help customers feel strong emotions for your brand experience. If you have gift vouchers, discounts or a repeat skydive program you can use the colour to combine a sense of urgency to skydive again.
What better choice is there to make than to use the colour most associated with the sky?! Given its endlessness, the colour blue symbolizes trust and confidence whilst producing a calming effect. There is a reason Superman is so successful (beyond his flying), it is the vibrant colour contrast using the superhero colour scheme, red, yellow and blue. Blue is very masculine and the darker the shade you select, the more authority it brings. Blue is heavily associated with corporate companies and large businesses that want to be people-pleasers. Choosing blue is playing it safe, like choosing a shade of grey - there is no direction with blue, it’s an endless ‘watch this space’. Blue is good for jumping through and good for weather holds.
Two things ‘spring’ to mind when green is on show. They are nature and money. Extending an olive branch in a green can symbolise safety and growth, (dark green, not brown). Green is widely associated in businesses with patience and understanding, the colour green makes people feel cared for and welcome. Green is also 'go', its function in our society is about freedom, movement and direction. This is particularly important when people need encouragement around manifest, or gear up, it's why we use it in the door right! Green is the pat on the back, unlike red, which is more of a kick in the rear. The apple to stay clear of is people making the link between greed and green. If you're looking to invigorate customers mix your greens to the blue scale to create aquas and teals - steer clear of mixing it more yellow, this will create a dull colour often related to sickness. Your reputation is on show with green, leave them green with envy, not sick of it.
Smiley faces and emojis. Yellow is seen as fresh and happy by your customers and can create a positive and energetic vibe amongst your business for all. It's tough pairing yellow and white as it's seen as pastels, and pastel colours are not strongly emotive they are very passive. In contrast, pairing black and yellow is creating high voltage energy! Yellow is not all sunshine and lollipops, as it’s also a colour known for caution and you may find it difficult with decision making or authority. To avoid this keep the colour bright, not dull (it doesn't have to be a glowing neon) keep your brand warm like the sun. The easiest way to use yellow is by making sure you have natural light, the sun fixes any problems.
The colour of leaders, a great choice for people in roles such as organizers or safety officers. The colour purple has been associated with royalty, luxury and power for centuries. Be careful with purple as it can be misled for arrogance, but this can be watered down by making sure you have black to balance the colour. Adding a white colour will amplify luxuriousness, boosting your quality image. Purple is a very nostalgic colour and evokes memories easily, Its a good idea for the colour of your photo package and VIP experience customers.
Do you choose the colors, or do the colors choose you? See all of our colors on Pinterest
The colour scheme you choose for your brand will be emphasised on your uniform, and in your business branding from wind blades to jumpsuit colours. The impact of colours on your customer experience will target people on an emotional level. Pay close attention to every detail of your business from walking in, jumping out and flying away - your results are the sum of your choices. Choose colours to clearly communicate the brand experience your customers, staff and team are becoming part of. With 2019 fast approaching, it’s a perfect time to set a new colour for yourself and what you want to achieve. Contact Manufactory Apparel and we’ll design a plan specific to your company’s needs
Rob Delaney Manufactory Apparel Robert Delaney is the creative director and co-owner of Manufactory Apparel. His career in fashion and graphic design has spanned more than 15 years, working for industry-leading apparel companies in sports, street and luxury fashion. No stranger to the sky, Rob has worked as a Camera flyer, LO and coach, and has represented Australia as a competitive skydiver in 2016
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