From B.A.S.E Jumping to RACE Jumping

Katelyn 'COMPTON' Escott is one of the most exciting rising talents in the sport today.

Katelyn has been making waves in the BASE and Wingsuit communities, driven by her passion for performance wingsuiting and her longing to just be the best she can be! Katelyn is establishing herself as one of the most exciting BASE jumpers to follow.

Her exhilarating and smooth flying style has been fuelled by her sense of exploration. She's a true rising star in the world of performance wingsuit flyers, we can't wait to see what she does next at the 2022 World Parachuting Championships at Skydive Arizona

Have you faced any challenges in the sport that really pushed you to get to where you are at today in both skydiving and base jumping?

I think my biggest challenge is my own mind, and navigating the learning process with both humility and confidence. Learning to skydive at a 182 DZ was awesome but there were definitely some holes in my progression, which I only started to realize when I went other places to jump. In a way, I felt held back by lack of resources. It’s taken me a long time to achieve certain things or reach benchmarks in my progression and there have definitely been some times I’ve wondered if I’m ever going to get any better, but I’ve kept at it and ultimately I feel like I just keep proving to myself that I’m doing this because I really love it.

What is harder to contain, competition butterflies, or pre-jump excitement?

If we’re talking about pre-BASE jump excitement, then definitely I get more butterflies when competing! Standing on a quiet exit in the mountains with my wingsuit and a single parachute versus, being in a noisy airplane with other jumpers and wondering, if I turned on my AAD, or my Flysight, ditter or Alti! What is the exit order, and my reference points?, The task we’re flying, and the landing pattern.... Skydiving is scary, haha.

Why compete? what motivates you the most about your profession as an athlete?

I would actually classify myself as being very un-competitive! That’s why performance wingsuiting is so awesome. It's just fine tuning your own skills to see if you can be better than you were yesterday (at least for me). Pursuing competitions gives me some solid goals that require discipline and focus, something that doesn’t exactly come naturally to me but I love pushing myself towards.

What draws you to do competitive skydiving, when you have the freedom to base jump?

These two things are intrinsically linked. Learning the performance competition format has been the most important part of my wingsuit BASE progression. Knowing how a feeling in your body translates to actual numbers and data, and vise-versa is only going to make you a more competent and safer pilot in the mountains. Competition gives me focus, discipline and measurable progress, and BASE gives me freedom, peace, and creative expression. All these things combined help me to be the best pilot I can be!

What are your strengths as both an athlete and a person?

I like to think something I am really good at is being super stoked! The people who have had the most positive influence on me are the people who treated my successes with as much enthusiasm as their own and who have reminded me that failures are opportunities for growth. This is the kind of person I want to be for other people, both in wingsuiting and in life!

Q&A on the ride to height!

Finished AFF at which DZ: Never did a single AFF jump, I learned the old school GFF way at Kamloops Skydivers.

Chosen Discipline: Wingsuit skydiving

Favourite Exit point/s: I have been to some pretty incredible ones, but the Stawamus Chief is the one I have tattooed on me!

Most memorable Boogie: My home DZ had the “May Meet” boogie that ran for 52 consecutive years (making it the longest running in Canada), so it will always have a special place in my heart.

What do you listen to on the hike? Modern classical… specifically piano/cello ensembles

If i could jump off anything it would be: Everything

Next Jump No:

  • Skydive: 1069
  • Base: 409

Got a BASE no? Funny story… I am in-eligible for a BASE number. Nine years in and I still don’t have a B (at this point I’m convinced I’m a bad luck charm for building missions)

Mentors’ you look up to: Veggie Reggie, Treehouse Mike, Chris Byrnes, Luke Rogers, Val Sobal, Tomic Kluzniak



  • WS: Adrenalin LD5
  • SD: Morpheus Helium

Skydive Rig:

  • Javelin RN


  • Squirrel Freak 4,
  • C-Race,
  • Aura 5

Skydive Canopy:

  • Squirrel Epicene 116

BASE Canopies:

  • WS: Atair Vision WS 205
  • SD: Atair Troll 245

Anything else? Yes, Catherine Vaillancourt-Roy is my biggest fan.

Katelyn joined the MANUFACTORY team earlier this year and we are so happy to have her on board. Her positive vibes and humbleness make her a great asset to the sport and we look forward to working with her.
Follow Katelyn on Instagram @compton_ke
Check out the 2022 World Champs at Skydive Arizona from 9-26 October.
Event Info can be found here

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