Introducing the MX series

Sub-zero air temperatures.

Fuel soaked winds.

Crisp unspoilt waterbodies.

Jagged rock.

Soley the Sky.
Describing exactly 'what' and 'where' our MX series shorts were heading, was only the beginning of our journey into developing what has been more likened to the designing of a great canopy than a pair of 'skydiving shorts' - and to say making a pair of shorts would be ‘easy’ would be an understatement, after seeing and knowing the engineering behind our MX series shorts - a development, that those closest to me, know all to well have been years in the making, nearly my entire skydiving career.
Angus Sellen comfort testing over Fiji - Why Fiji...? Sun, Sand and Salt. Photo by Kian Bullock Angus Sellen comfort testing over Fiji - why Fiji...? sun, sand and salt. Photo by Kian Bullock

Official release of our shorts is 1st July 2017, and if you have been following, you may have even scored some of the now sold-out presale pairs from June.

By the end of June, this development has been 6 years in the making, literally from sketches to stitches, the first presale pairs going out the door to customers dubbed "the innovators".

We are prepared to make it easier for anyone, under any canopy to fly longer, and more comfortably.

If you are going to be the next Tandem Master, Swooper, Freeflier, BASE jumper, Paraglider or Speed rider, the MX series will always be built - solely for the sky.

Custom Tie-dye MX series shorts. Ryan Weatherly (R) and Angus Sellen (L) rocking custom Tie-dye MX series shorts.

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