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Making a uniform decision

when it comes to your skydiving apparel

Does wearing a uniform improve how productive you are in your day? Do you think wearing a uniform has any affect on your mood or your daily routine? How about your decision-making? Have you ever thought about the leadership value of the uniform that you wear? And what if you apply these factors to your staff or team? The truth is that there are benefits to adopting a work uniform policy when it comes to productivity, as well as staff and customer relations. “Let’s Do it!” First things first. Every day of the week, before you hit the workplace, the dropzone, even back in your school days, you have to decide what you are wearing. Your attitude will be directly affected by the clothing you choose to wear,right down to your socks. Even the color choices you make will play a large role in how your day progresses. If you are a business owner, opting for a staff work uniform will take the stress out of the start of the day for your team. If your tandem instructors, manifest staff and ground crew all start the day with the same skydiving apparel uniform, you are helping to shape a ‘let’s do it’ mindset. Which is just the beginning of a more productive work day and will encourage a team-building environment. “Let’s Not.” Skydivers generally come from within the military, or alternatively, as far away from it as possible. Uniforms don't have to be suits, ties, short-back and sides. Your decision around a uniform policy for wearing skydiving apparel and gear may be more staff-friendly if presented in a dress code format, with clear guidelines that reflect your brand message. Keep in mind that when a staff member dresses casually for work (like they would dress on a day off) their attitude is reflected. This ‘casual’ appearance can affect the individuals professionalism, the teams productivity or worse deliver a mixed message to your customers about the brand message and company values. This should not be reflected through your teams choice of skydiving apparel, especially staff who are seen in important positions of authority like a Skydiving Tandem Instructors. “Lets Rot.” Could there be anything more damaging to your brand image than broken equipment, rotting in plain sight? Would you eat at a restaurant with dirty equipment? So, don't feel shocked when your customers experience some doubt after handing over top-dollar for a life-changing skydive, and your team begin handing out dirty, torn equipment for them to wear (or are wearing it themselves). This is not a good look for your skydiving apparel, and definitely not the best look for your brands reputation. Rotting CREW Uniform is worn throughout the world with pride, a sense of duty, care and responsibility. It has a positive and uplifting effect on morale when a team is unified through a single message. Your message only stands to be strengthened by uniting your team and customers through your choice of uniform. Whether it is custom skydive jerseys, printed cotton T-shirts or high quality performance jackets and skydiving shorts, the last thing you want is to send a cheap and damaged uniform to the team you expect your customers to trust. Ultimate Adventure Skydiving Are you interested in new employee uniforms for your business or team? Contact Manufactory Apparel and we’ll design a plan specific to your company’s needs Rob Delaney Manufactory Apparel Robert Delaney is the creative director and co-owner of Manufactory Apparel. His career in fashion and graphic design has spanned more than 15 years, working for industry-leading apparel companies in sports, street and luxury fashion. No stranger to the sky, Rob has worked as a Camera flyer, LO and coach, and has represented Australia as a competitive skydiver in 2016 .
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