The Fastest Human in a Wingsuit

The Fastest Human in a Wingsuit

Tahi-Paul Munroe burst onto the competitive wingsuit scene at the 2023 World Skydive Championships, securing a gold medal in speed, an Australian first. With little training leading up to the competition, it was a massive upset to the veterans of the discipline. Sporting the new title of “Fastest Human in a Wingsuit”, Tahi took the opportunity to compete in his first BASE Race at Sass Pordoi. We caught up with him to talk about his experience:
2022 World Championships PC: Alex Swindle

How long have you been skydiving? Wingsuiting? BASE jumping?

I have been skydiving for 13 years and I have almost 13,000 skydives. I started wingsuiting in 2012 and that became my focus for many years. I also started BASE jumping that same year in Australia and quickly realized I needed to be a good canopy pilot to keep out of our big, luscious trees!

Can you describe what it felt like to win the gold medal in Speed at Worlds?

To win the gold medal for speed at worlds in 2022 at phoenix, Arizona was a complete trip. I had zero expectation going into the competition as I didn’t do any training prior to arriving in phoenix but after a few training jumps, my teammate, Luke Rogers AKA 'Dave', proceeded to tell me I had a chance to win a medal. I thought he was joking at first but then after seeing previous tracks and results of other competitors, I realized he wasn't joking.
"I thought he was joking"
2022 World Championships PC: Alex Swindle
Winning a medal for my first major competition made me hungry to put the effort in and chase the dragon. I'm super hungry to compete against the world's best and see where I end up.

How did you get involved in the Pordoi BASE Race?

Pure luck, actually. I saw a few jumpers training 1day prior to the race and I asked if I could join, and the rest is history. Super stoked to have been given the opportunity to join in what was my first BASE race and prove that I can hold my own with some of the veterans of the sport.

Have your results inspired you to keep competing?

For sure! I won a gold medal at worlds after 2 years of lockdown in Australia, zero training jumps and there wasn't a night that I didn't eat a massive bowl of ice cream. Imagine where I could end up if I took this competition thing seriously.

Can you describe some of your physical and mental preparation?

My routine before jumping is usually a cold shower, coffee and a solid stretch. With only one training jump under my belt for this specific course at Pordoi, it was tricky to know exactly what my game plan was going to be. Mentally, I'm quite chill on an exit point and enjoy being an observer. I often jump last because that is usually a position that most don't like to be in.

What was the atmosphere/vibe like during the event?

After waiting hours for the weather to clear, we finally got going and the vibe was epic. We were full of gelato and Italian caffeine and the crew was stoked to be outside. The race list was up for all to see who was racing who. No surprises with the classic shit talk to try to put your opponent off but it was all in good taste and respect was shown to all competitors.

Any plans for future races? Skydive/BASE?

I froth racing wingsuits whether it be skydiving or BASE. I will be representing Australia at the 2023 FAI world cup in the Czech Republic for wingsuit performance and my dream is to one day compete at the WWL BASE event in China. Before t hat though, my plan is to enter any BASE race that arises worldwide and rise to the top!
The future is looking very promising for Mr. Munroe!
Katelyn is an accomplished wingsuit BASE pilot and professional performance competitor. She is passionate about education and is an active skydive coach and course facilitator. Follow @tpmunroe and on Instagram for more epic Images
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