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We have a T-shirt printer

Welcome, to DTG printing

Manufactory Apparel has taken a serious step towards #TheNextEdge by choosing to invest in a new manufacturing technique and further expanding our ability to produce quality printing on demand. In 2019 Direct To Garment (DTG) printing will be on offer for use to create custom skydiving T-Shirts and Hoods. Our Epson SureColor F2160, offers many advantages over traditional printing methods such as Screen Printing. We even had the gurus of Direct To Garment (DTG) printing from Machines Plus write a case study on our new printing venture and how it's going to reshape the way we manufacture in Australia

Flying High in Extreme Sports with DTG Printing

Designers of custom extreme sports clothing, Manufactory Apparel, made the jump to direct to garment (DTG) printing in response to their customers’ changing needs. Now, they’re servicing clients more directly and quicker and flying high in Australia’s manufacturing industry.
In the extreme sports skydiving market, Manufactory Apparel are well-known for producing the industry’s premium designs for the biggest skydiving brands in the world. Their custom skydiving apparel is made for skydivers, paragliders and base jumpers, from starters to world champions.

Keeping manufacturing in Australia with DTG

Rob and Shelly Delaney, company owners, are fashion designers by trade and know their niche - they were also competitive skydivers. Taking inspiration from their vast career in the fashion industry, they custom design technical skydiving jerseys and apparel. They design the patterns, the fit and graphics all to suit skydivers, both indoor and outdoor. They work closely with dropzone businesses around Australia and the world, developing uniforms and products for their their clubs, staff and customers.
Rob says, “Every sport has its own intricacies and we’ve made sure our gear is relevant to our athletes.”

So what’s next?

Rob and Shelly are very keen to see what’s next for Epson in terms of printing on a range of fabrics. “We’re looking at integrating this machine into the rest of our business over the next five years. This machine will be our go-to for servicing our customers, as it allows us to create smaller, faster orders that can be produced via the Epson DTG. And our customers can now choose our designs, printed on quality apparel, straight from our website.”
Rob and Shelly, we’re looking forward seeing where the #TheNextEdge takes you.
Read the full article here and start getting inspired to print skydiving apparel for your dropzone! Machines Plus Epson DTG F2160 The original article was written by Machines Plus, a digital print supplier for garment and digital decorators, of any business type or size. Gus and his team help digital decorators to get ahead in their business by selling the latest in machines, consumables and apparel for garment printing (DTG), UV printing, sublimation and heat transfer. Brands such as Epson, Roland DG and SawGrass. They partner with customers, matching the right solution to their business and provide unbeatable value and experience. Gus and his team support customers in regional Australia as well as the major cities domestically and internationally.
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