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Electrix Gloves

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Electrix Gloves

Electrix Gloves

$30.00 USD
Maximum Control Superior Grip
Secure Closure Neo-Velcro Lock
Touchscreen Smartphone swipe

Dominate the skies and indoor environments with Electrix Gloves, engineered for maximum grip and performance. These gloves feature a full silicone printed palm for superior control, crafted from synthetic microfiber leather that surpasses tackified leather in wet conditions. 


  • Superior Grip: Full silicone printed palm for maximum control.
  • Advanced Material: Crafted from synthetic microfiber leather, outperforming tackified leather in wet, humid conditions.
  • Comfort and Practicality: Minimalist design for comfort; quick-drying for practicality.
  • Easy Maintenance: Machine washable and quick to dry.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for sports skydivers, paragliders, speedflyers, indoor tunnel flyers, and tandem instructors in various climates.


    > Moving away from leather, in line with our company values, we've designed gloves that embody longevity and versatility. Our innovative, eco-friendly approach ensures these gloves don't break down in wet, sweaty, or humid conditions, offering enhanced performance and protection in cold climates, as well as superior grip and control in wet conditions. This adaptability makes them perfect for cross-sport use, from skydiving to trail adventures and BASE jumping. Their comfort and practicality shine in diverse aerial activities, reflecting our commitment to sustainable, long-lasting products.


    > Size: Select the ideal fit from four universal sizes. For the best accuracy, trace your hand on paper to measure and choose the right size.

    > Fit: The fabric of our gloves softens slightly with body warmth, ensuring a comfortable fit. It's essential to pick gloves that align with your finger lengths up to the webbing for optimal comfort and control.


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    > Composition: Polyester / Microfiber Leather / Neoprene cuff.

    > Washing: Machine wash in cold water with similar colours.

    > Drying: Air dry only - inside out.

    > Do NOT: Use bleach, hot iron, dry cleaning or Tumble drier.

    > Designed In: Australia.

    > Made In: China.


    Giving you more confidence to fly harder and faster, with gear that's built to last.


    Giving you more confidence to fly harder and faster, with gear that's built to last.