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Electrix Streamline Jersey

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Electrix Streamline Jersey

Electrix Streamline Jersey

$89.90 USD
Built for Speed Competitive Edge
SILVERPLUS® Prevents odour
Streamline Collar Innovative Design

Manufactory's Streamline Series Jersey: Redefining skydiving Jerseys. Designed for speed and agility, it features a hybrid material blend for a snug fit and lightweight durability. Its innovative streamline collar and smart patterning enhance motion and reduce drag, redefining skydiving performance.


  • Speed Optimized Design: Reduces drag, enhances speed and movement.
  • Hybrid Material Blend: Right fabric in the right place for a tight, breathable fit.
  • Ergonomic Patterning: Increases range of motion and minimizes drag.
  • Innovative Collar Design: Secure and comfortable, preventing blowouts.
  • Ideal for Competition: Tailored for canopy pilots and competitive skydivers.


> Inspired by canopy pilots and competitors facing faster wings and parachutes, this jersey aims to boost their speed and air control. With its innovative collar and hybrid materials, it meets their demands for fit, durability, and agility. Every detail, finely crafted to heighten performance, showcasing our dedication to quality and cutting-edge innovation.


> Innovative Materials and Pattern Making:
Strategically chosen materials for their performance qualities. Advanced pattern making ensures a perfect fit, enhancing movement and comfort for dynamic activities.

> Streamline Collar Design:
Featuring a new unique collar design, developed for a secure, non-restrictive fit. This innovative approach minimizes drag, providing an aerodynamic advantage in high-speed sports.

> Redefined for Competitors:
This jersey represents a leap in competitive apparel design. Its cutting-edge features cater specifically to high-level competitors, offering an unparalleled blend of function, comfort, and speed optimization.


> Universal Size:
Our jersey's universal size fits all genders, comfortably adapting to various body types. While not specifically female-designed, it ensures a comfortable fit for women too.

> Performance-Optimized Fit:
Engineered for a tight fit, featuring an extended torso for harness compatibility, longer sleeves for canopy flight, and a ultra slim shape to cut through the air efficiently.


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> Composition: Hybrid Blend of Polyester and Spandex materials, <200gsm

> Washing: Machine wash in cold water with similar colours.

> Drying: Tumble dry on low setting only.

> Do NOT: Use bleach, hot iron, or dry cleaning.

> Designed In: Australia.

> Made In: China.


Giving you more confidence to fly harder and faster, with gear that's built to last.


Giving you more confidence to fly harder and faster, with gear that's built to last.