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Manufactory Gift Card

Manufactory Gift Card

$10.00 USD
Adhesive Excellence Proven Performance
Premium Vinyl Helmets to Planes
Fade-Resistant Lasting Color


> Designed for those committed to #conquerthenextedge. Made with UV-resistant, fade-proof vinyl and strong 3M adhesive, they're perfect for outdoor use.


> Size: Our stickers come in various sizes, detailed in each description, tailored for specific uses. Whether for your helmet, laptop, car, or even a plane tail, each design serves a distinct purpose.


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> Composition: High-quality UV-resistant vinyl with 3M adhesive.

> Applying: Ensure surface is clean and dry before application.

> Cleaning: Gently wipe with a damp cloth; avoid harsh chemicals.

> Removing: Peel off slowly; use a heat source if necessary for easier removal.

> Do NOT: Scrub aggressively or use abrasive cleaners.

> Designed In: Australia.

> Made In: China.


Giving you more confidence to fly harder and faster, with gear that's built to last.


Giving you more confidence to fly harder and faster, with gear that's built to last.