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Artwork Packages

Remake your artwork package

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Remake your artwork package

Remake your artwork package

$199.00 USD
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Perfect for those without editable files, our 'Remake your Artwork Package' recreates your design or inspiration into a single, production-ready concept, streamlining the process from inspiration to final product.


  • Recreation of one design based on the images or concepts you provide.
  • Two minor revisions for design refinement.
  • Color correction to align with your brand's palette.
  • Development of production-ready files suitable for all sizes, genders, and sleeve lengths.
  • A full 3D render of your finalized design.
  • Access to our online website portal for convenient management.


> Collaborative Design Input: Through our design form, we understand your ideas from your feedback, directing our designers to craft concepts that align with your vision.

> Brand-Focused Design: Using your direct input and market insights, we create designs that represent and elevate your brand's unique identity.

> Advanced 3D Proofs: Our state-of-the-art 3D software provides realistic mockups, giving you a clear view of the final product, adaptable across our entire range of styles.


> Fast Revisions: Within 48 hours, we review your feedback and inputs, swiftly revising and delivering the next round of concepts for your approval.

> Artwork Archive: All your design iterations are confidentially stored under your brand for consistent reference and easy access.

> Design Accuracy: We aim for initial accuracy in our designs, attentively addressing your feedback to minimize the need for additional proofs.


> Artwork Concept Creation: We allow two weeks to develop the first round of concepts, ensuring they align with your vision and requirements.

> Artwork Revisions: Following your feedback, we guarantee a rapid 48-hour response time for revising and refining your artwork concepts.

> Artwork Finalisation: Post-approval, your finalized artwork is promptly uploaded online within 48 hours, making it immediately available for ordering.


> Originality in Reuse: Each artwork is an original creation, specifically crafted for individual customers, ensuring exclusivity.

> Artwork Licensing Terms: Full design rights and ownership remain with Manufactory, and the artworks are for use on our styles only. For detailed terms, please see our terms and conditions.


> Fixed Artwork Fees: Our transparent pricing includes a one-time payment covering design, revisions, and production setup.

> Guided Ordering Experience: Post-artwork approval, customers gain access to a private order portal with comprehensive size and volume guides for informed decisions.

> Flexible Ordering: Our no minimum order policy offers unparalleled flexibility, accommodating orders of all sizes.

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