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Frog-X Parachute Team

WS | Frog-X Parachute Team Jersey

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The Infinite series Skydiving Jersey, designed for peak aerodynamic performance and comfort. This slim-cut, low drag jersey is made from 100% recycled polyester, repurposing water bottles into polyester yarns. It features an extended torso length for a perfect fit under a harness, reinforced stitching for durability, and is treated with SilverPlus® anti-odour technology for enduring freshness and sustainability.


  • Optimized for skydiving: extra torso and sleeve length, tapered for low drag.
  • Recycled fabric: Made from sustainable 100% recycled polyester, repurposing water bottles.
  • Odour Control: SilverPlus® for anti-odour and bacteria control, maintaining hygiene and comfort.
  • Industry Leader: Recognized as the premium choice for skydivers and dropzones worldwide.

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